Surat Al-Falaq - The Holy Qura'an - Black

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This luxury sculptural wall art is from the Revelation Spectrogram Collection. It is a visual record of the audio of Qura'anic verses in a sound waves (spectrogram) format.

Limited Edition.

It is a designer home decor designed to bring the Qura'anic verses presence in an abstract style without using Arabic text, letters or modern arabic calligraphy.  It is an original and unique idea, first to be introduced by Tajrid, artist Sara Alharbali.  We hope it inspires the viewer to stay spiritual and connected to Allah SWT.

Verse depicted in this artwork is Surat Al-Falaq / The Daybreak Chapter (center), The Holy Qura’an. From Al MuA’awathat /The Refuge Seeking Set, in the recitation of Qari Abdul Basit Abdul Samad.

Verses depicted in artwork recited in this link: 


It is high quality wall decor, made entirely from steel in powder coating finish. Titles can be made in Arabic or English.

Available Silver Leafing or in Black. Check out other colors in the products.


Contemporary, Abstract, Modernism, Mixed media, Conceptual art, Islamic Art, Steel Art


50 cm or 75 cm diameter each


Home decor items, eid gifts, ramadan decoration ideas

Note: The artwork does not play any audio. A QR code comes in the package to be scanned by phone camera to listen to the verses audio.

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