Qura'an Wall Art

REVELATION SPECTROGRAM is a new form of Islamic Art, an unconventional and original concept of art depicting the Holy words and verses of Allah (God), by quoting selected verses from the Holy Qura'an, in a spectrogram sound waves visual representation.

It is said that the Holy Qura’an recitation sounds perfect in terms of musical notes and lacks any musical errors. Because of the mercy and peacefulness that are carried in the sounds as well as the meanings of the Qura’anic recitation, many people worldwide listen to it seeking to find calmness in their souls and their dwellings. Muslims tend to hang wall pieces of Qura’anic verses as written text/calligraphy to bring blessings and mercy to their homes and families.

This collection revives Islamic art in a contemporary style. It abstracts this kind of wall art by depicting the verses’ in a spectrogram format as a mural or a wall art and other forms of sculptural art as well. The artwork spectrograms are based of the recitation of Qari Abdul Basit Abdel Samad, one of the best reciters of the century, for the selected chapters. It looks simple but it is deep and strong in its message. It is a very spiritual piece and has a luxurious feel to it to reflect how precious is the depicted Holy Qura'an and the words of Allah (God).

This artwork is made to inspire its owners to stay spiritual and connected, which is a value that has diminished with the modern secular life. The idea is original because it brings the Qura'anic verses presence without using Arabic text, letters or calligraphy. Rather, it is a visual record of the audio in a sound waves (spectrogram) format.