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Trendy Decoration Lighting Fixtures

Most home decor stores have a lighting department to present beautiful home accessories for their customers. That is because of the importance of lighting in adding life to any space. Lighting elements can stand out in a house or be an accent with a different style within the space. When designed properly, lighting becomes a major feature that highlights the different corners and areas of a designer home decor or space. At this age, there are endless websites to get inspiration from for choosing lighting.

Lighting is of course functional and necessary in a house, but also can act as an accent and unique statement element that can become also a home decor item or wall decor. So what are the types of decorative lighting products in the market does a designer or an individual have to choose from?

We gathered for you in this article some of the most important lighting accessories among home decor items that will make your space stand out. We advise you to choose from the below mentioned options what will complement the built-in lighting of your space or house.


As the name suggests, among home accessories, chandeliers always gives feel of luxuriousness and spaciousness. It cant be used in a casual space. Suitable for living rooms, entrances and lobbies, bedrooms, and dining rooms. They mostly are decorative source of light that adds to the ambient lighting in a room. It gives a strong vibe in a space by its lumens, height, material, and color.

2-Pendant Lights

Suitable for entrances, staircases, kitchens, dining tables, powder rooms and bedrooms. One of the trendy home decoration things is pendant lighting that can replace table lamps wherever you have a false ceiling. This type of lighting fixtures provides task lighting while being elegantly decorative. We are frequently seeing them replacing table lamps on bedroom side tables. They are suitable for reading and fill up the space if you have a high ceiling space.

3-Floor Lamps

Do you have a left out corner? a dull reading corner? Table lamps are always a suitable decoration piece for home especially since it is a portable decorative item. They mostly deliver ambient, task, and accent lighting depending on the design. In addition to that, they also give you the flexibility to move the decorative light from one spot to another.

4-Table Lamps

Another portable home decor item is table lamps. They are very useful for working stations especially for a workaholic or a student.  These lights deliver task, and accent lighting while being decorative. In addition to that, they also give you the flexibility to move the decorative light from one spot to another.

It can serve as a more worthy addition than effective task lighting specifically tailored for the task you are about to complete. Whether you are about to indulge engage in productive computer work, enjoy cooking a delicious meal or simply sit back and relax with a good book, nothing will aid you better as a task lighting or a table lamp.

5-Wall sconces

Wall mounted sconces are suitable along corridors, outdoors, bedsides, kids rooms, powder rooms to mention some areas. They are not a main source of lighting as much as they are a decorative elements suitable for repetition.


Lastly, whether you are a designer or an individual, we advise you to consider the effect the design will have with the light that is transmitted while making your decorative lighting selection. Don't forget that a decorative lighting is there to make a strong statement. Decide the effect that you want it to have before choosing it. Make sure to think of the direct, upwards, or downwards lighting, color, and size. There are a few things that can make a statement or set a mood quite as much as a quality chandelier or floor lamp. Choose the placement of your decorative lights, their style, and color carefully and nothing will stop you from having the room of your dreams appear shine right before your eyes.

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