Eid Gift Ideas & Inspiration

Eid Gift Ideas & Inspiration

Eid is a time for celebration, and part of that celebration involves giving and receiving gifts. With so many options for Eid gift ideas, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one for the one you love. Sifting through endless options can take hours and it's important to find a gift that is both useful and exciting (don’t forget meaningful too). Ultimately, the key to a successful Eid gift is to put thought into the present and to demonstrate the love and connection you share with the recipient.

Common Eid gift Ideas usually include clothing, a bag of dates, gift baskets that are made up of chocolates, fruits, and other items, and cutlery, to mention but a few. If you’re here shopping for your significant other and none of these gifts sound good enough, well you’re right. You can get dates and clothes for the one you love anytime, but Eid is special – and with it must come a special gift. Have you considered luxury gift items for sale?

There are several designer gift items in Dubai that you can get your hands on and in today’s article, we’ll give you some great Eid gift options for your wife, daughters, and mother. If our reader happens to be a lady, these could be great gifts for your friends, family members, and for yourself too.

Luxury Gifts From Tajrid

Tajrid is a company based in Dubai that creates elegant jewelry as well as contemporary home decor items. Tajrids Ayat jewelry line-up includes gold necklaces for women, gold rings for women, and gold bracelets. Let's go over each item together to help get those gift idea juices flowing…

Gold Necklaces:

Tajrid offers a variety of stunning gold necklaces to choose from:

1. Ayat - Malachite Necklace
  • Made from 18 Karat yellow gold (available in White and Rose Gold).
  • Features Gold soundwaves of Quranic verses with a 0.02mm Diamond insert backed by Malachite.
2. Ayat - Mother Of Pearl Necklace
  • Available in 18K Yellow, White, and Rose Gold.
  • This beautiful necklace features an audio wave of the Quranic verse of Surah Taha, verses: 25 and 26.
  • You can choose this luxury piece with the option of White Pearl, Malachite, or Lapis.

Personalize your own Mother of Pearl necklaces with the option to choose from a variety of gold colors and stone colors to match your unique style. Choose from the stunning collection, including the Surah Al Falaq Necklace with a beautiful white pearl option, or the other elegant choice mentioned above.

3. Ayat - Al Ikhlas Necklace
  • Made from 18 Karat Yellow Gold and is also available in White and Rose Gold
  • Features a Surat Al Ikhlas spectrogram with a 0.05mm Diamond insert
4. Ayat - Spectrogram Necklace
  • Unlike the other necklaces that have a spectrogram within a golden hoop, this necklace is made up of a suspended spectrogram and an 18K Gold chain. Options are also available in Rose Gold and White Gold.
  • Features 18 0.02mm Diamond inserts.
5. Ayat - La Ilaha Illa Allah Necklace
  • Made from 18K Gold, this Diamond shaped necklace holds the La Ilaha Illa Allah soundwave.
  • Available in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold.
  • Features a colored background available on request in white, pink, or turquoise and a 0.06mm Diamond insert at the point of connection with the necklace.

Gold Rings For Women

Besides just fancy necklaces, Tajrids jewelry offerings also include lavish Ayat 18K Gold rings. Choose from the finest Lapis, Mother of Pearl, or Malachite stones, and take your pick from 18K Rose Gold, White Gold, or Yellow Gold finishes for a truly personalized piece. All three rings feature the Quranic verses from Surah Taha, verses: 25 and 26.

Gold Bracelet For Women

The Ayat Gold bracelet is an elegant accessory designed to complement the wrist of an equally elegant lady. It comes in Rose, Yellow, and White Gold and features a 0.02 Diamond insert.

What Is A Spectrogram?

In this particular case, the spectrogram we’re referring to is a revelation spectrogram. According to Tajrid, a revelation spectrogram is a fresh and innovative form of Islamic Art that showcases the Holy words of Allah (God) uniquely. Instead of using Arabic text or calligraphy, this art form presents selected verses from the Holy Quran in a visual representation of sound waves, creating a spectrogram.

With its original approach, the revelation spectrogram offers a new and exciting way to bring the presence of the Quran into your life. This is particularly the reason why we believe that jewelry from Tajrid would give the perfect Eid gift idea to choose – it's more than just a valuable metal, it’s a symbol of remembrance to provide inspiration and encourage spiritual connection, which has become a lost value in today's secular world.

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