Best Floor Lamp For Your Home Decor In 2023

Best Floor Lamp For Your Home Decor In 2023

Decor lighting is an essential part of the interior and even exterior decor. Having plenty of light in a room makes it feel welcoming and comfortable. Luckily, this isn’t something to consider a crisis seeing as there are serval lighting options to choose from – However, this doesn’t mean that all the lamps you find online are very good, as you’ll come to find that some lamps might look amazing, like nothing you’ve seen before, but fail to perform when it comes to serving their purpose (lighting up the place). 

For this reason, it is advised to always consider functionality over looks when selecting an indoor lamp for any one of your rooms. Other considerations to have in mind include the size of the floor lamp you want, perhaps how many bulbs you want it to hold, and what style and material you want it to be.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Floor Lamps

  • Height: When it comes to height, consider the room in which you’re placing your floor lamp. If it’s going in the living room, we’d suggest getting one that is slightly above eye level when sitting on the couch. This allows for the light to rain down on you and not distract you when you’re watching the television or trying to have a moment with your family. If the floor lamp you desire is bare-bulbed, this could produce a lot of glare which can strain your eyes – it would be best then to find one with a shade, if not one that has its bulb set inside something to reduce the glare.
  • Bulbs: How many bulbs you require depends on how much light you want the floor lamp to produce. You can find a variety of decorative floor lamps for sale in Dubai that hold up to six bulbs, but this would be overkill in our opinion. If you get yourself a good quality lamp with a good quality bulb, then one bulb is more than enough to effectively light up the space you’ve placed it in. This also cuts down on your power usage.
  • Style and material: These will depend entirely on you and what decor theme you have going on. You can find stunning floor lamps online that are made from wood, as well as options made from metal, glass, or plastic.
  • Budget: Just like everything else we set out to purchase, we must have a budget. Money might now be an issue for most but it still helps to know what you’re willing to spend in order to know what type of floor lamps to look at. You can find some of the best floor lamps online – from bespoke options to modest, yet stunning ones.

Furthermore, having a budget also allows you to choose how many lamps to buy – for example, say you search online to see what Tajrid has to offer in terms of floor lamps and you realize your budget allows you to buy a matching set of two, you can make this purchase knowing that you haven’t spent too much and you won’t be left with a feeling of regret later on.

Best Floor Lamp In Dubai

After careful consideration, we finally decided on what, to us, felt like the best floor lamp for 2023. The lamp in question is called the Mishkat Floor Lamp, a product from Tajrid Dubai.

About The Lamp:

The Mishkat floor lamp is a unique piece of home decor featuring a wooden veneer stand with three carved cavities. Made of MDF wood and finished with an olive veneer, it is adorned with marquetry of olive branches and leaves, as well as two strands of steel inlay that are coated in a beautiful brass finish.

The Mishkat collection is inspired by the concept of light and its symbolism in verse 24:35 of the Holy Quran, which likens God's light to the universe. The design elements of the lamp, including the cavities, light, olives, and olive wood veneer, are all derived from this verse. The artistic interpretation of light in these objects is also influenced by scientific references.

Why we like it:

Granted there are many great options out there, but what makes this the best decorative floor lamp for sale to us is its unique design. Its combination of wood and subtle metal touches gives it a truly appealing look. We love the olive trees painted onto both sides. This for us makes it feel like an art piece rather than just your ordinary floor lamp.

We also like that it has three bulbs set in their own cavity, “which we know goes against what was said earlier about only needing one bulb for your lamp”, but because each bulb has a cover over it to reduce the glare, this works beautifully to provide you with plenty of light without the glare causing any discomfort.

Where would you place it?

This lamp deserves to be out where everyone can admire its beauty. Angled in a corner in the living room is one option, or right next to your favorite reading chair.

Final Note:

Decor lighting is essential when planning out your space. Ceiling lights are great to cover the whole room, but floor lamps are a must-have as well to provide extra background light whether you’re reading a book or you just want to add light to the room. We recommend Tajrid for your lighting solutions, whether you’re in need of a table lamp, a floor lamp, or even wall lighting to make use of vertical space.

Ramadan is also on the way and what better gift for a friend than Tajrids beautiful floor lamp? Brighten up someone's day (and nights) by getting them this amazing piece of utilitarian art. You can visit their website to see what other great Ramadan and Eid gifts you can find.

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